We do the work. Someone else takes the wealth.

By CJStone

During the 2010 election campaign in the UK I heard the Sun columnist Kelvin Mackenzie talking about economics.

Economics is very complicated,” he said. “You have to be a genius to understand economics.”

This is not true. Economics is easy to understand. Wealth comes from human beings. It’s as simple as that. It comes from human beings engaging with nature in an intelligent and productive way in order to make all of the things we want and need. It is work that makes wealth.

This is so obvious an observation that it hardly needs commenting upon. All of the classical economists understood it: Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill, as well as Karl Marx.

The reason that modern economics has become so complex is that it has attempted to obscure this simple fact behind a fog of distraction in order to hide the processes by which a very few people have become more and more obscenely wealthy, while the rest of us are being squeezed to the point of desperation.

We do the work. Someone else takes the wealth.

We’ve been living under an illusion for the last 30 years or so. The illusion goes under the collective name of “Monetarism”. It is also sometimes known as “Thatcherism” or “Neoliberalism”. In the US it went under the name “Reaganomics”.

It is the idea that the market knows best, that everything in the public sector is bad, and everything in the private sector is good, that the private sector only needs to be deregulated for it to provide wealth for everyone. Take away the fetters and wealth will expand, it says. If the rich get rich, we all get rich as a consequence.

The idea was that the rich are “wealth creators” and the wealth they generate will eventually “trickle down” to the masses.

Do you remember being told that?

Actually it turns out that none of this is true. The rich aren’t “wealth creators” at all, they are wealth extractors. The world hasn’t been becoming richer, it has been becoming poorer. The wealth hasn’t “trickled down”, it has been siphoned up. The rich have accumulated even more wealth while the poor have been shafted.

Do you ever get the feeling that we’ve been ever-so slightly conned?

Young, proud English Defence League member, potential conservative leader in a very near future, elaborates on the concept of the Muslamic threat…

g. osborne

This government has now been in power for almost a year and here’s a check list of their achievements so far. Unemployment, going down a year ago, is now going up. Real incomes fell last year for the first time since 1981 and are on course to fall again this year. Consumer confidence has slumped to levels seen in the depths of the recession. High street retailers are sending out profit warnings. And, to cap it all, the government has been forced to revise up its forecasts for the budget deficit.

The British state and its policy of appeasement needed for the domestic deployment of “boots on the ground”, the foot soldiers in charge of dividing the working class.

Amidst what increasingly starts to look like an all out assault on the working class, here’s two of the establishment’s latest blows. Fear not, as neither is indiscriminately administered. With competent accuracy the state always aims first at the vulnerable among us.

Amidst what increasingly starts to look like an all out assault on the working class, here’s two of the establishment’s latest blows. Fear not, as neither is indiscriminately administered. With competent accuracy the state always aims first at the vulnerable among us.

"Mahmoud Jibril - foreign affairs"

Before the uprising, Mr Jibril was involved in a project called “Libyan Vision” with other intellectuals, which sought to establish a democratic state. He is also head of the rebel council’s crisis committee, which aims to streamline decision making.

Born in 1952, Mr Jibril has both a master’s degree in political science and a PhD in strategic planning and decision-making from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. 

After completing his doctorate in 1984, he taught strategic planning and decision-making at the university for several years. He also wrote several books and ran leadership training programmes in several Arab states. 

He later became the head of the Libyan National Planning Council. Then in 2009, he was appointed chairman of the National Economic Development Board (NEDB), reporting directly to the prime minister.

A leaked US diplomatic cable from November 2009 written by the US ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz, described Mr Jibril as “a serious interlocutor who ‘gets’ the US perspective”.

"He is also not shy about sharing his views of US foreign policy, for example, opining that the US spoiled a golden opportunity to capitalise on its ‘soft power’ (McDonald’s, etc) after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 by putting ‘boots on the ground’ in the Middle East,” Mr Cretz wrote.

An earlier US diplomatic cable described Mr Jibril as ‘reform-minded’…”

(emphasis mine)

Translation: Jibril is a US educated technocrat whom the Office of Economic Development would love to get into place in order enforce a strict neoliberal structural adjustment line, in Libya.

Well, he’s probably going to get his chance. Good looking out, pro-intervention lefties. Good looking out. You weren’t useful idiots or anything…

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Next Gen and a few more local lads have a dig at Andrew Lansley! Made in Leicester for UK consumption!

Andrew Lansley, greedy,
Andrew Lansley, tosser,
the NHS is not for sale you grey haired manky codger. (x4)

So the budget of the PCTs, he wants to hand to the GP’s,
Oh please. Dumb geeks are gonna buy from any willing provider,
get care from private companies.
They saw the pie and they want a piece;
Got their eyes on the P’s like mice for the cheese.
I talk truth when I ride the beat, you talk shite when you speak,
see money when you close your eyes to

So fall back — your face looks like a shrivelled up ball sack.
The stuff that you chat is bull crap, I’m sure Andy Pandy snorts crack.
Health minister, I mean sinister.
You know your public will finish ya,
is your brain really that miniature?
Give yourself an enema.

Made filthy rich by those who represent Walkers Crisps,
Mars and Pizza Hut, proved your a health slut and your always talking shit.
A hundred and thirty four pound an hour every week, that’s quite a lot of quids;
and you came to the conclusion that the food industry should be a little less strict.

Scandal disclosed that you flipped your second home.
You said your claims were within the rules, filled your pockets, took us for jokes;
so how would you cope when broke folk get ill, injured and broke,
but don’t have the dough,
to get their life back on the road, so poor die slow, and the rich take control.

(Chorus x 4)

Lansley’s white paper: “Liberating the NHS”
sets out a plan where we’ll become more like the U.S.
and care will be farmed out to private companies,
who will sell their service to the NHS via the Gps,
who will have more to do with service purchase arrangements
than anything to do with seeing their patients.

He’s been given cash
by John Nash,
chairman of Care UK:
a private healthcare provider,
who, if they have their way,
will be the biggest beneficiaries
of conservative Lib Dem policies
to privatise healthcare and pull apart the welfare state.

These plans have been slagged by patient organisations,
charities and unions,
nursing and medical institutions.
The Royal College of GPs even joined the attack,
looked closely at the proposals
and said they were crap.
Say yes for the NHS, Andrew Lansley can suck on David Cameron’s breast.
His quest is for the rich to pay less, and the poor have to stress, it’ll be one big mess.

(Chorus x 4)


George Galloway on Wests Libya intervention (19Mar11) (by liarpoliticians)

‘Ex-MP George Galloway talks about why the UK and other countries are interested in Libya so much…. it’s about oil, which other African despot countries don’t have.

Recorded from Sky News, 19 March 2011.’

Did Sky News let George Galloway lose again? They don’t learn, do they?!?

Once again George Galloway speaks the Truth! I would ask, why isn’t the well armed (by the West) Egyptian army attacking Mad Dog Gadhafi? Very simple answer: the Egyptian army was propped up by the US, not to fight Libya or (god forbid) Israel, but to pacify and control their own population. The same goes to the Tunisian army, I would assume.

Personally I defend a partition of Libya, but I guess BP wouldn’t like that. So we spend more than a million quid per tomahawk missile…Serious, a million quid that’s what some defense expert said on bbc radio 4.

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Protest against Westminster’s proposed byelaw 20 Mar 11. Filmed and edited by Rufus Exton

Shame on Westminster in general and on the ConDem coalition in particular…

On a more personal note, the doggy at the end of the video really looks like my German Sheppard, aaawwwwww!!

Households 6% worse off, says IFS. Britain is on the mend, says George Osborne

margaret osborne

New IFS research published today estimates that in the three years from 2008 to 2011 real household incomes will in fact have fallen by 1.6%, or £360 a year. So households are likely to be about 6% worse off than they might have expected had incomes risen in the normal way.

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Robb Johnson - Moronland

It was just another Tabloid story
Boy meets girl, girl gets legless
Boy gets lucky, girl gets pregnant
What did you expect would happen?

Tabloid tits and tabloid bums
Tabloid lads and teenage mums
Tabloid football heroes and their girlfriends who could shop for Eng-a-land

Welcome to the land of the moron
Welcome to the land of the living brain-dead
Welcome to the land of the moron
It’s moronland

Where no-one ever wears a condom

Billy Shakespeare, who the Hell’s he?
Did he play for Spurs or Chelsea?
Charlie Dickens phone a friend
He’s the bassist in Oasis
Mr Kipling, he makes teacakes
Jeffrey Archer Proper Culture
Proper English what we speak
What do you mean St George was Greek?

It’s moronland and everybody loves big brother

At the battle of Trafalgar
Francis Drake was playing mid-field
When he heard his bird’s expecting
He said ‘once more up the Kyber’
We shall fight them on the beaches
Half a league Half a Guinness
Arthur Mullard on the buses
That’s how England won the wor- oh

It’s moron land more and more and more and more and more (x3)

Moron Lager Moron Pubs
Moron Burgers Moron Clubs
Moron Dave and Moron Tony
Moron Mobile phone-in phoney
Moron headlines, moron page 3, Moron music, moron TV
Moron flags on moron cars, just how dumb do they think we are?

More and more and more
More and more and more and more and more
It’s moronland
More and more and more and more and more
It’s moronland
More and more and more and more and more

Let’s not forget about another death in police custody… #Justice4Smiley http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13375130

from moronwatch.blogspot.com

Today, we heard of the death of Smiley Culture (David Emmanuel), a London-born reggae artist. For anyone outside the UK, or anyone under thirty, his name will mean little, but Emmanuel had several chart hits during the 80s, in particular his 1984 hit, Police Officer, about the habit of police in unofficially “confiscating” his cannabis and letting him go rather than arresting him for possession.

His death reportedly happened during a police raid on his home, when he is said to have stabbed himself. Reaction to this explanation among the black community on Facebook and Twitter has been angry and skeptical; which is understandable, given the high incidence of black deaths in British police custody over the past few decades.

I saw an interesting suggestion that deaths in custody are more frequent under Conservative governments than Labour ones. It’s certainly true that Labour tends to demand more accountability over police behaviour, while the Tory message is that police should be “relieved of red tape” (in other words, not have to explain their behaviour towards the public).

I decided to test this theory, so I found a record of deaths in custody going back to 1993. I looked at the average annual death rate from 1993 to 1997 (Conservative administration) and from 1998 to 2010 (Labour). The results were more conclusive than I expected:

  • Average annual deaths under Labour: 38.31
  • Average annual deaths under Conservatives: 50.2

It’s also worth noting that there was a spike of deaths from 2002 to 2005, presumably related to increased police activity following 9/11, as the “war on terror” was in full swing. Without this spike, the difference between Tory and Labour administrations would be even more stark.

Whatever happened to Emmanuel, we will (or perhaps won’t) learn as time goes on.

As for deaths in police custody, let’s hope the correlation between these and the party in power proves to be purely coincidental; if not, the British people (especially ethnic minorities) are in a for a rough few years.

Similarities between the current European crisis and the 1981 Latin American debt crisi

students protests

There are similarities between the current European crisis and the 1981 Latin American debt crisis. “In both cases debts were issued in a currency over which borrowing countries had no control,” says the FT’s John Rathbone. For Latin America it was the dollar, for Europe the Euro. Secondly, there was first a period of easy credit, followed by a worldwide recession.

Bailouts were tied to the so-called “Washington Consensus” that demanded privatization, massive cuts in social services, wage reductions, and government austerity. The results were disastrous. As public health programs were eviscerated, diseases like cholera reappeared. As education budgets were slashed, illiteracy increased. And as public works projects vanished, joblessness went up and wages went down.

“It took several years to realize that deflating wages and shrinking economies were inconsistent with being able to fully pay off debts,” notes Rathbone. And yet the “virtuous” EU countries are applying almost exactly the same formula to the current debt crisis in Europe.

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